Why Brands Matter at Christmas

6th December 2017 by Isabella Gelston

Why Brands Matter at Christmas

As the Christmas season hits the ground running, and the trees light up at Somerset House, we’re going to be reflecting on a few of the best ads to warm our festive toes! While many of us forget the impact of a good ad, it’s important to explore why brands matter and how they become a familiar addition to the Christmas holidays.

1. John Lewis


From Buster the Boxer to Monty the Penguin, John Lewis’ Christmas ads are fast becoming the must-see campaign of the Christmas season. With the new ad creating the hashtag #underthebed, Moz the Monster becomes the surprising companion to a young boy as they share their friendship to millions of viewers. With the story showing us the beauty of a child's imagination, John Lewis have kept true to its previous ads as they deliver another emotional tear-jerking story.

2. Sainsburys

Sainsbury’s 4 minute Christmas ad in 2014 left tears in our eyes as they sought to remind viewers of the value of companionship in their 1914 war ad.

Based on the true story of British and German trench soldiers coming together on Christmas day for a football match, we follow two soldiers from different sides as they share memories, thoughts…and of course, their treats (unbeknownst to the German soldier). The ad was emotive, compelling and stood out as a reminder to the values of unity 100 hundred years on.

3. Marks & Spencers

This year's M&S Ad collaborated with the release of the latest Paddington Bear movie in a result that left viewers with a sense of nostalgia towards the festive time. With its interactive approach, the iconic bear has become a familiar face to our screens. As thousands of viewers raced to buy the toy online, the character is interviewed on their website to create a personal touch that brings Paddington Bear (and the ad) to life.

4. Coca-Cola

The Christmas season is not complete without the classic Coca Cola truck touring every year. The brand is seen throughout the world, but at Christmas, their classic red and white colours are a familiar sight. ‘The Holidays are Coming’ becomes an ad that has the success to become a reoccurring feature to our screens without feeling repetitive. Its timeless presence in our lives serves as proof that this brand is at the very heart to Christmas advertising.


Each advertisement creates a story whereby viewers are taken away from the everyday and transported to an exciting, nostalgic place. This escape provides the ultimate success when seeking to convey a brand; as Christmas becomes a time to reflect on personal values, adverts act as a platform to convey these invaluable qualities.


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