Why blogging is good for your business… And your soul

22nd July 2015 by Ashlee

Why blogging is good for your business… And your soul

When I whip out the line “can you please write me a blog due for the end of this week?” it's normally greeted with a few huffs and puffs, any Social Media Executive will tell you this.

Twist are constantly busy, if they’re not away at candidate meetings they're chatting on the phone and rightly so they are all under pressure to hit targets and get people the jobs they crave.

But, as I keep telling the office, blogging is an important weapon especially in our modern day culture where people’s opinions matter more so than ever before. We strive for reassurance and acceptance, especially those who might be looking for the perfect position, they need to know they're doing right and a blog points them into your direction.

If you ever find yourself trying to explain why – to your boss, your mum at Christmas or your friends when drunk – refer back to my tips, I promise they will help build a compelling argument.

1) You create a lasting image:

What’s the point of being part of a company without actually being seen as part of that company? Blogging gives you a voice and your voice is as important as anyone’s.

By treating your duty of blogging as a chore, you will come across half-arsed. Blogging is good for the soul, you have easy access to express your opinion – a thing many people take for granted.

By getting each employee within a company to write a little something every so often about their areas of expertise you are then able to successfully connect with a wide range of people. If Twist show they know what they’re doing, or even know what they’re blogging about, more people will see what we have to offer.

Blogging is the new ‘in’ thing to do, it’s so fetch as Gretchen from Mean Girls has told us on so many occasions. There’s one blogger that makes £20,000 off adverts she displays… I’m not saying everyone is going to be able to achieve those dizzy heights but there’s always the thought of becoming that successful, right?

2) Drive traffic to your main site:

We all want more viewers on our website, it could potentially lead to new candidates and that would make us all here at Twist very happy.

A specific part of your target audience should already know your company website; a blog allows you to open up to a potential target audience on a personal level. As does social media and search engines.

You can’t always update every part of your website, how many times can an ‘About me’ section be edited? But blog posting every week helps Google promote your website as active. Meaning more people will be checking out what you have to say.

Blog posting is more content to establish a social media presence. Not only are you showing your readers original material, you could potentially targeting new readers with vital information.

Think of it as the circle of life: you blog, you promote, you gain new readers which could potentially be new candidates. Everybody wins.

3) Long term results

Maintaining a blog is a pain. There’s days where the inspiration barrel is as dry as a desert and your mood isn’t the most approachable. I feel you, I get like that and this is why it is important to make sure other voices are being heard.

The more topics being wrote about the more likely your hits and views will build over time. Not only will blog posts get views over the first couple of days, but because it is now within a search engine your blog is there to be viewed for months and years.

Meaning: One hour of effort today, could turn into thousands of views and leads in the future.

You can’t physically force people to write, some might not be confident enough others might not be good at it. What I believe is important is not seeing it as just writing, as a waste of time or a hindrance to your day.

Basically: Don’t disrespect blogging. Before you know it, it could be helping you more than you have to write one.


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