Working with a recruiter, what to expect.

10th February 2014 by James Backhurst

Working with a recruiter, what to expect.

Congratulations you have decided it’s time to start looking for that next dream job, the CV is looking great, polished and ready to roll and it’s time to get it out in the market and want to make sure it ends up in all the right places..
It’s time to start scanning LinkedIn posts, connecting with recruiters and searching through the job ads.

It might have been a while since you worked with recruiters, the last time it was probably a mixed experience of the good, the bad and the wild, wild west. Agencies sign terms of business with recruiters that allow them exclusive representation of any candidates they introduce.  That starts from a role by role basis all the way up to 6months and beyond.

If your CV is blasted out by the CV factory recruiter speculatively to all and sundry it can block you from working with other talent managers and recruiters on genuine live briefs.
Here are a few tips that will help you tell the CV machine gun factory from a good recruiter and help you keep control of your CV

Knowing me and knowing you

A good recruiter will always get to know you, usually a phone call to find out more about you, your career ambitions and where you are up to with your search.

Meet and greet

Meeting a recruiter is always worth the effort, even if it’s for a short chat or coffee, seeing the whites of their eyes will give you a good indication of how they will treat your CV.

Data Protection

It’s a legal requirement for any business that holds your personal details in any storage device to get you to sign a declaration on how those details are used. If you aren’t asked to sign a data protection statement alarm bells should ring.

Speculate to accumulate

If you trust a recruiter and want them to work proactively on your behalf to generate new opportunities they should send a top line summary of who you are without sending your CV. If there is a bite of interest ask the recruiter for more details on the potential role and then make your decision on whether to allow them to send your CV.

Reel it in

If you have been briefed on a role at an agency by a recruiter and it turns out your CV has been sent there already you can contact the agency to retract representation from the CV Factory. It’s messy so best avoided. If you definitely don’t want to work with that recruiter you can always request they remove your details from their system. If they don’t you can contact the Information Commissioners office who will act on your behalf to force that recruiter to comply or face hefty fines.


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