What Rhymes with… Fail? PR Stunt?

3rd July 2014 by Grace Bullingham

What Rhymes with… Fail? PR Stunt?

Whoever thought it would be a great idea to host a live Twitter Q&A with misogynistic man Robin Thicke have landed themselves in very hot water for the foreseeable future… or have they?

I imagine the Q&A was supposed to prompt questions regarding the singer’s new album, his favorite takeaway or his favorite holiday destination, however the # AskThicke hashtag turned into a free-for-all Twitter rampage.  This comes as no surprise, I mean what did Thicke expect – he wrote the most controversial song of the decade! 

We all know Blurred Lines, the once dubbed ‘rape song’ by feminist Lisa Huyne. The music video harmonises the song where Thicke can be seen murmuring into a near naked girls ear ‘I know you want it’ over and over. He later sings “Talk about getting blasted, I hate these blurred lines, I know you want it, but you’re a good girl, the way you grab me, must want to get nasty.” Safe to say it caused A LOT of controversy.

Thicke had already got himself into enough trouble, even his wife left him due to reports of him cheating. I just can’t see how Thicke would have expected any less from the general public. Did he really think he might get asked how he’s coping since his split with his wife?!

Reading the Twitter feed post Q&A was hilarious - questions included:

• #AskThicke Once you've cracked 'hug me', any thoughts on what rhymes with 'misogynistic douchebag'?
- James Martin (@Pundamentalism) July 1, 2014

• Is your next 'hit' just a lyric sheet, with a Rohypnol Sellotaped to it? #AskThicke
- TittyBiscuits. (@dawneywawney) July 1, 2014

• #AskThicke Can I punch you in the face? No? You mean yes, right? You know you want it.
- @Picklechops_x23

Although Thicke got completely slayed over Twitter – was this what he had hoped for? I mean look at me now, writing this blog – I wont be the first and I certainly wont be the last. How many people have thought, ‘oh how did that song go again….’ and then play it on their laptop?

Many newspapers have described this Q&A as a disaster, but I’m not convinced. He actually coped pretty well, considering, only replying to the few fans asking about his new album, ‘Paula’, named after his wife as attempt to woo her back. Not sure how well this will go, seems like another act of narcissism from Thicke to me.

I wonder what the future holds for Thicke?!

Just remember, there’s no such thing as bad publicity….


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