Tour de France

7th July 2014 by Grace Bullingham

Tour de France

Being the daughter of a very keen cyclist – I grew up on the back of dad’s bike in a child seat whilst he cycled around Cornwall – The Tour de France is something I’m very familiar with.

Poor dad, 3 daughters who aren’t remotely interested in sport - he tried so hard with all of us.  I was a good swimmer; I enjoyed receiving my badges and getting mum to sew them onto my costume. I also attended tennis lessons at a young age, but as my teen years kicked in they both phased out.  My sister endured football lessons and she later revealed it was only to please my dad, as you can probably guess, they didn’t last long either.

Although dad didn’t force us to do any kind of sport I think he may have missed the father-son sports bond. Perhaps this emphasised his own passion for sport. He played football as a young lad but in his early twenties started cycling and never looked back. In fact he only learnt to drive when my mum had major surgery on her leg and it was a necessity to drive my sisters and I to school – he was 40. He’s now in his fifties and only drives when he absolutely has to, otherwise you’ll find him on his bike.

We all used to cheer dad on the side of B roads in Cornwall as he competed in time trials, I used to drink hot chocolate with my sisters while mum would be waiting with deep heat - a memorable smell from my childhood. He has previously worked in a bicycle shop and completed a sponsored charity cycle to Birmingham and back in 3 days for Cancer Research. It’s safe to say he absolutely loves cycling. I don’t even think love is a strong enough word.

The Tour de France has graced many televisions in our house. I only moved to London in February so to have the race come to the city I live in is fantastic. I didn’t manage to see any of the race as I was working but I wish I had for my Dads sake, I feel guilty!

Although I’ve spoken a lot about my dad, my intent was to share the Tour de France posters with you. They’re fabulous! I hope you like them as much as I do… (and no doubt my dad!)

Agency M&C Saatchi produced the integrated campaign for TFL - some lovely artwork – credits to creatives Mark Goodwin, Grant Parker and illustrator Adrian Johnson.

Late last week Paul Smith designed these three bright posters in order to celebrate the arrival of the Tour de France in the UK.

Oh and here's quick photo of my dad - just so you can put a face/bike to a name.....


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