The Lunch Dilemma: Where to save those pounds

30th July 2015 by Ashlee

The Lunch Dilemma: Where to save those pounds

I’ve been working all of two months and food is an issue, as always.

I love eating. From hot dogs to nachos you name it I want it more or less at every minute of my day. I have a high metabolism but that doesn’t mean squash when you think about how much it costs.

We all work long hours in busy environments. You could be serving at McDonalds or a CEO at the BBC every job comes with stress and if you’re like me you want to comfort eat or you want the pack of Sainsbury’s cookies for a £1 to make your day a little better.

Those pounds (literally) add up. You go for the pack of cookies, to a sandwich and a bottle of coke and before you know it you’re spending £40 in one week on lunch. This is just plain stupid.

If you have the money to do so, lucky you, I envy your life. If not, we need to learn to stick together because those meal deals have come directly from the devil.


Strategically cook on an evening:

I know, obvious. But look what you could make!

If I can manage to cook myself enough pasta for an evening meal as well as enough for my lunch the following day, you can too. It is basically killing two birds with one stone, and it has never felt so good.

You have an array of options too, don’t limit yourself. You can go healthy with a salad packed with veg, chicken, ham, salmon… The whole works. Fill yourself up with pasta, tuna filled pita breads or homemade curries from the night before.

The great thing about this is you personally won’t get tempted. I know when I walk around Sainsbury’s I want everything that is naughty, it screams at me. I do make a conscious effort… I don’t want to fill myself up with badness especially when I’m at home in my good place.

The next day when you walk into work not only will you feel like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver, depending on gender, but you will also save yourself the hustle and bustle of lunch time madness – think of that pain when you next force yourself to cook your meal for the next day, I swear it will get you through.

Budget for the week – and stick to it:

These tips are really obvious, but sometimes the obvious tips are the hardest to plan for. I know I won’t make meals the night before for every lunch, I’m lazy – shoot me. But that doesn’t mean I won’t budget for the week.

By budget I mean spend £5 a week on lunch, there are other important things I know I want to spend my money on like alcohol and nights out exploring London. What I would suggest is withdrawing the money you want to spend and purposefully leaving your debit / credit card at home so you can’t spend more. Plus there is a bank on every street corner in case you need emergency cash, but who doesn’t just love living life so care freely.

Never focus on what others eat:

Believe me as soon as your eyes lock onto other people’s food, game over. You want it. Everyone here at Twist goes out for food; some will thankfully eat their lovely meals out while others think it’s funny to bring their five guys into the office.

The more you come to terms with your situation the easier it will be to focus on your ham sandwiches. Food is food at the end of the day, and you’ll be laughing when you can buy extra vodka lemonade at the weekend.

Really, it is down to you:

I hate the thought of spending money; nothing upsets me more than a bank account that reads negatively. I like saving where I can and sometimes you have to cut out the good stuff in order to actually live.

You might not look into lunch as thorough as me but £30 a week means an extra £120 a month. In London that might not get you particularly far but it could help you three months downs the line when you spontaneously think about a weekend away.

Then you’ll be personally thanking me.


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