The Bank Holiday conundrum

27th August 2015 by Ashlee

The Bank Holiday conundrum

A bank holiday is an exciting occasion for anyone who works full time. Like Christmas but without the presents.

With the prospect of a long weekend coming up, some of you might have been a little too busy to plan what to do in the capital. Or if you’re like me you might not have a clue what to do because this is your first London bank holiday weekend.

So, I set myself a mission: find the best things to do this weekend, for cheap and in short notice.

Option 1: Notting Hill Carnival
A time where you can dance like no one is watching.

It takes place on the Sunday 30th August and lasts till Monday 31st August. Based on the streets of W10 the closest undergrounds are Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park and Ladbroke Grove.
Although the carnival kicks off at 9am it is an event that gets better as the day goes on. With live music, a whole lot of Caribbean body popping and of course their famous jerk chicken – what more could you want?

Did I hear you ask about after parties?

Well, you asked the right question! Notting Hill Carnival hold a number of warm up parties for you night owls over the Friday and Saturday. The go to warm up party is at The Nest in Dalston where the Heartless Crew and Wookie are playing for just £10. A mixture of garage and electric music, you’ll be bopping till the early hours; the perfect way to get you ready for the main activities on the Sunday and Monday.

We recommend The Hot Caribbean Carnival after party at the O2 in Islington, keeping it central with a mix of Caribbean vibes and sounds hosted by tropical sound system crew Sun Bailente. A fast paced night not to be missed with rooms dedicated to dancehall, R&B, house and many more, and for just £12 you can’t go wrong.

Option 2: Beach East
If you want to miss the busy Notting Hill Carnival streets for something completely different then head down to the Queen Elizabeth Park to catch the last of summer – ignore the weather reports, embrace the British weather.

Life’s a beach, so spend it there. Perfect for families as there is a gigantic swimming pool and fun fair rides that can keep the kids happy for hours, while Pub Tropicana keeps the adults suitably refreshed. Don’t miss the live performances, competitions and sports events which are all set to be released online shortly.

Option 3: Adults only playground
Ever felt like a big kid? Here’s your chance to act it. On Saturday there is an ice cream festival in Hackney available for adults only. Not only is it situated in a playground, some treats on offer have been freshly made to include alcohol, from Mojito ice lollies to sweet Strawberry ice cream it all sounds like a great day out.

The event is extra special with proceeds going to a children’s disability charity called KIDS. Free to enter, located at Kids Adventure Play, Spring Lane from 12pm – 10pm.

London is a city which has everything, so my three suggestions won’t cover half of what London has to offer this bank holiday weekend. The point is there is something for everyone; the great thing about London is that it caters for all.

From everyone here at Twist enjoy the long weekend, we all deserve it!


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