Sun, Sea and Spreadsheets

12th February 2014 by Admin

Sun, Sea and Spreadsheets

Switching Off

On booking a holiday to Sharm El Sheik came the usual banter: “another holiday?”, “again?!” Personally I think that everyone was jealous of my cunning and carefully arranged plan to escape London (and the office!). I’d be right in saying that it’s important to have a break and unwind if you have a stressful job. 29 degrees, barbecues on the beach, swimming in the red sea. A holiday is only a holiday if you switch off. And I mean OFF! Try and resist the temptation of keeping your phone on, don't reply to emails, try (as hard as you might find this) not to update Facebook every two minutes. This will deter from all the barbacues and sun beds. When you left the office before your break it wasn't just a "see you later" it was an effective and well planned handover ensuring everything should run well in your absence. If you have well there is no point worrying about something that is 4000 miles away and you have very little control over. However, in order to ease you back into work life, you really do need to plan ahead. Avoid any post-holiday-return-to-work-anxiety by being organised before you leave.


Back to Reality

As you well know, all good things must come to an end. How do you prepare for your usual routine after such an escape? The thought of waking at 6am, squeezing onto a train and having the inevitable performance review with your boss. But the return from your escape shouldn’t be perceived in such negativity. You have gone away to forget your worries; to return super charged and all rested up, you should return ready to show your colleagues how it’s done. Having said that it’s only natural to feel those post-holiday blues, what you need to do is ask yourself why? What did you value about your time away? Was it the freedom from your usual routine? Was it exercise and meeting new people and exploring new cultures? Was it de-digitising yourself, no phone, no computer, no TV? Perhaps it is simply that you don’t enjoy your work life. Only when you get to the bottom of these questions can you start building on them in a positive way; incorporating positive aspects into your everyday lifestyle and/or career.


Breaking With Routine

Your winter break away should allow you to reflect on what you want, need and are not receiving from your current role. Is there something out there that could work better for you? Are you in the best role you could be in right now? Are you pushing yourself hard enough and getting the deserved recognition? What do you need to change to make things happen?

Use your break to cast aside colleague perceptions and reflection of going through the motions and treading water. With your new found strength and empowerment, be the person you want to be. Show them that you are someone to be looked up too, feared or revered, and above all someone who commands respect. Re enter the work environment with a positive mind set and be prepared (or at the very least expect) to have to face the inevitable work load.

When you fly back set your alarm that little bit earlier than normal so the morning rush is, well, less rushed! Try and go to bed an hour earlier than usual and ease yourself back into that first working week by leaving on time at 6pm. It may be difficult but the sense of small acheivement over a stressful, late arrival will be well worth it. Make your return as easy as possible for your self, eliminating any potential of stress.


This is all well and good, but is it realistic?

Yes! You manage your day and these things will only happen if you make them happen. Fundamentally a break away is to relax and recharge; but use this time wisely to either return with renewed vigour, or in some cases, the desire to better or change your career.

If you work within the creative industry as a designer, artworker, client services manager, or even in a supportive position get in touch with Twist. Perhaps 2014 could be the year that Twist helps you find a new role.


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