Somerset House’s Latest Residents!

25th October 2017 by Isabella Gelston

Somerset House’s Latest Residents!

From treaties to royalty; parliamentary armies to fashion week, Somerset House’s history demands us to look and stare at its stature. Embodying the historical culture of London’s society, it seeks to illustrate the creative embellishment that has intertwined itself into the countless windows and doorways. As a construct in the heart of the capital since the sixteenth century, the building overlooks the Thames in a dramatic backdrop that has captivated creative thinkers for centuries. Whilst the courtyard extends its wings in an embrace to the public, it enforces its expressive heritage to remain its foundation, yet exposes itself to the exciting changes of the modern world.

It is no wonder that as we fast forward to the 21st century, its doors have opened to organisations that pride itself on their ability to inspire and influence those across the creative community.

Here at Twist, we’re no different in our ambitious goals. We continually stand by our desire to give talent the right home, helping agencies retain, develop and inspire that talent long after a role has been filled. Now that we have moved to Somerset House, we stand alongside the residents to help creative minds thrive in their environments, whilst using our individual holistic, hands-on approach to deliver a recruitment process that is unique to our clients.

With the nights drawing in and winter fast approaching, you can expect to see our team keeping you up to date with the latest roles, topics and discussions happening across London - Don't miss a thing! 

Want to get in touch? Simply call us on 020 3603 4090


For more information about Somerset House, visit their website on:


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