Peta’s Sexually Charged Advertisement Ordered to be Removed

9th December 2014 by Grace Bullingham

Peta’s Sexually Charged Advertisement Ordered to be Removed

Although I am totally against animal abuse/animal testing and was a vegetarian until my late teens, I believe that people should have the freedom of choice to eat meat or not. Whether you choose to know where your meat came from is a whole different aspect. Rearing it yourself would be the best answer to ensure the animal had a good life, was killed in a humane manner and of course, to ensure you are getting the highest quality of meat. I’m sure if I had the chance to rear my own meat, I would probably become attached to the animal and end up having a farm!

I was reading about Peta’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recent advertising and I have to say it did shock me. But not in a good way. I feel the organisation have stooped to a lower level just to raise a few eyebrows. I really don’t think it will stop people giving up their lifestyle anytime soon. I mean I’m talking from experience here, I was basically born into a vegan family and do really care about animals welfare.  A billboard was taken down after receiving numerous complaints stating it was unsuitable for children – the billboard featured a shocked women, drenched in sexually-suggestive misty liquid, urging viewers not to drink milk.

The billboard informs by-passers that "Some Bodily Fluids Are Bad for You. Don't Swallow. Ditch Dairy.” Its faux-pornographic style is just a step to far, despite Mimi Bekhechi, the director of Peta, saying: “Peta's billboard is a cheeky way to alert passers-by to the dangers of drinking cows' milk.”

I believe there are far more effective ways of advertising for this kind of cause. What do you think? Maybe use some hard facts to hit home to people about the miss-treatment of animals and why milk isn’t good for the body. Many people don’t know the science of this – be informative!


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