Our Final Day in Hong Kong

16th May 2015 by Adam Toctan

Our Final Day in Hong Kong

Part Six: Our Final Day in Hong Kong








07:00am (HKT) The day began with alarm bells... Literally! The fire alarm sounded and continued to do so all morning whist we ate breakfast; a full array of traditional English and local Asian cuisine from the hotel this time (to save time). It was ok... But not a patch on the great breakfasts served at our hotel in Singapore; at £14 it was ok, but a little disappointing. With our bellies full we decided to take the Metro from Tin Hau Station and travel the 3 stops in Air Conditioned comfort to Central Station.

10:00am (HKT) Our first meeting was at a well-known Global Brand Agency, around 15 people and growing they are one to watch! We found out that the building they are based in was used in Batman, The Dark Night and played a part in one of the pivotal scenes set in HK; very cool to walk in the footsteps of Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale... The meeting started at 10am and finished around 11.30am so we had a little while before our 2nd meeting at 1pm.

11:30am (HKT) We decided to walk (even though the temperature and humidity had now increased dramatically!) to take in the city sights and feel like a local! Central is crammed full of designer brands, Patek Philippe and Rolex litter the streets like Greg's and Sports Direct do in London... There’s some serious money in Central HK, which became apparent as we dodged the Porsches and Ferrari's to scout out the location of our 2nd meeting. It was getting too late to grab lunch and frankly all we wanted was water so we headed in early and waited patiently for one of the Partners to appear. Paul has worked with this particular Partner for over 10 years and we knew him incredibly well so the meeting had a great sense of energy and we were briefed on a super Senior Designer role and a potential number of future recruits. Great meeting!

12:50pm (HKT) With our bellies rumbling we headed to our next meeting. We decided to grab some food on the way and found out that our third meeting was in Soho. Soho in every sense of the word; it had a great vibe! Lunch was at the Drunken Duck on Staunton Street. Superb 3 course menu of duck confit, miso salmon and coconut toffee pudding. Washed down with iced cold water it was a very reasonable £19 each. We wandered through the various galleries, bars and shops selling some of the best retro clothing, paintings, prints and furniture we have ever seen. Well worth a look and a day out.

14:20pm (HKT) The client at our next meeting requested that we meet at a bar around the comer so we had a coffee at Oola; a super trendy bar and restaurant that had a 'Shoreditch' vibe to it. 3 coffees were around £12 so a little pricy but still in line with London... We met with the MD of a well-known UK agency that has set up in HK to service their Asian clients; it's worked well having grown to 8 and with ambitions to get to 20 over the next year or so... Good luck! We are confident Twist can help them as she briefed us on a super Senior Designer role.

16:30pm (HKT) After this we were running late and like Singapore it was shift change time for the taxis's so trying to hail one was impossible. A few stopped but had no intention of deviating from their route as we needed to travel 40 minutes. We decided to walk down a number of hills that would put San Fransisco to shame to try and get to the local Metro station. By the time we reached this and found out it would take a further 45 minutes and 3 changes to get to the other side of town I called up my client (tail between legs) to confess we couldn't make it. She was, as have all the people we have met in HK lovely and didn't mind at all. I think she was keen to head home on a Friday night! The good thing is that as of tomorrow I am staying in HK for the following week so we pushed this meeting to Monday.

17:20pm (HKT) We decided to end the day walking around the bazaars and boutiques in Soho at 6.30pm as the sun set on an incredible city... Hong Kong? Busy, frantic, diverse, immense, and crazy... We loved it!


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