New Year’s Resolution… Top of the list: Get a new job!

23rd December 2013 by Admin

New Year’s Resolution… Top of the list: Get a new job!

The New Year is a popular time to contemplate a change and new challenge for the year ahead. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive & the start of a New Year notorious for a surge in new job seekers, how do you differentiate yourself from the masses?

Here are some tips to make your New Year resolution, a reality…


The Xmas break is a great time to refresh your CV, with your dream job just around the corner; an up to date CV is paramount to the search.

For more advice on how to compose your CV visit this blog on our site:

If you’re looking for a complete career change, think about how you can tailor your CV with tangible experience you have gained; for the desired industry & role.

Research is Key…

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, a similar role in a new company or a step up the ladder, list out some considerations, such as companies you would like to work for or career progression paths you’d like to take.

Do your research on social networking sites like linked in, this will help you build a profile of the company you are applying to/interviewing with. Linked in enables you to see the background of the company and its employees, maybe you have something in common you didn’t realise!

Planning this out in advance will help give you direction when you hit the New Year job hunt.

Dress to impress…

Save yourself any last minute wardrobe malfunctions by ensuring you’re prepared with your interview outfit. Make sure your appearance matches the desired company you’re interviewing with. Here at Twist we partner with the best creative agencies in the world, interviewing with our agencies, candidates tend to be dressed smart casual; obviously depending on whether you’re a suit, creative or somewhere in between…

Good luck with the search in 2014…


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