Life in London as a rookie

15th July 2015 by Ashlee

Life in London as a rookie

Sometimes life will instantly give you lemonade before you ever have to squeeze the lemons.

One minute I was at home pondering life after university the next I was packing up my belongings to move to the capital. London was calling and I was setting sail to start a new job.

It felt a lot like luck being given the opportunity to make something of myself in London, a city where friends have tried and failed to start a life for themselves. The luck was the timing; Twist needed someone with experience across a range of different platforms that I could offer due to my university degree in journalism, as well as someone with an awesome personality... It was a no brainer!

Now I find myself with the title of ‘Social Media Executive’ for a growing and dynamic company, a challenge I have accepted with confidence and expectations.

I’m an independent 21 year old girl from a little town in the middle of nowhere outside of Leeds. The process of packing my life into a suitcase to move to a city where I don’t know anyone has liberated me. Although I have an ‘I can do anything’ mentality, not everything always goes smoothly when you try and build a life for yourself for the first time.

The moving process:

I spent the first two weeks living in a hostel where the lack of sleep became a normal occurance for me. If it wasn’t the wild Australians wanting to drink their nights away it was the old Chinese ladies shaking the uncomfortable bunk beds with their snoring all throughout the night. I was a walking Zombie in a new environment trying to adapt to a fast paced London lifestyle.

Tip one: Find potential flat mates fast and early. I used SpareRoom to seek out a spare room, as the title of the website might suggest. However, not only are you competing with other people for rooms you have to sell yourself as the perfect flat mate. The best bit of advice I can suggest is to find people you are willing to share with. I found two of my flatmates through the SpareRoom ads; we went from talking to spending a day looking for a flat through estate agents and adverts posted on SpareRoom and Gumtree. In that day we found the perfect flat, in the perfect location for the price we needed. Our determination and my unwillingness to spend any more time in a hostel meant we succeeded in a day. It will take others longer to find their flat but have patience it all will come together especially if you don’t give up hope.

London is a big adjustment; working full time is just as much of a challenge.

Work life:
I have the ability to make myself feel at home. Some say it’s a Yorkshire thing, I think it’s because I want to be a part of something at all times. I’ve been at Twist for little over a month yet I feel like I’ve been among the team for years. Not only is everyone beyond incredibly nice but they’re just brilliant people to be around.

Work life is at times stressful just like every person will tell you about their job. The most difficult part about starting a new job is understanding your own system, getting to grips with changing the ways it used to be set up to best benefit yourself.

Tip two: Just remember that everything is a process. Don’t expect to work your magic overnight. I run the social media accounts across multiple platforms for Twist. I had too big expectations and have recently realised that a strategy doesn’t come instantly; it takes months not only to work out but to pull off. Don’t grow frustrated, always communicate with your managers or colleagues to ask for help or advice, the worst thing you could do is try and work through heaps on your own. Your colleagues are there to help, just like I’m sure you help them.

Always remember that after a long week at work the weekend is there for you to unwind and what better place to unwind then in the centre of London?


London life:
I’m a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle of busy streets, the freedom of making friends with anyone and the opportunities that are all around. 
There are all walks of life in London, a story to be told on every street corner and I think that’s why I’ve fallen so in love. Each day is different and that’s what I needed in my life, I have the structure of a new job but the freedom of exploring a wild and wonderful city.

Things, as you may know, can be expensive...

Tip three: Every love comes with some kind of problem; London’s problem is that it isn’t cheap. Living in Leeds I could grab a vodka and lemonade (needed on a weekend) for £2.50 at a time whereas here I find myself spending around £8 a time on each drink. So, whatever you do, come with a budget in mind and stick to it.

I have weekly food budgets, weekend spending money and monthly treat money. I don’t like overspending on unnecessary things so I feel quite responsible when it comes to money but I know many people who fail at the first hurdle. Make sure you drill it into your brain that money is a big issue, never pay too much for anything because at the end of the day if you can’t pay your bills properly you’ll never understand the true responsibility of growing up and making it on your own.

If you can conquer London you can conquer the world.


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Lindy McAllister

15th July 2015

This blog boughtt back memories of my Katie moving from Australia to London on her big adventure. Katie was Twists origional Office Manager, loved her time there with Paul, and everything London had to offer. Best of luck you only regret what you dont do, not what you did.


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