Lidl becomes Gourmet Restaurant ‘Dill’

21st October 2014 by Grace Bullingham

Lidl becomes Gourmet Restaurant ‘Dill’

Last year, Sweden opened its arms to pop-up restaurant, Dill. Two-starred Michelin chef Michael Wignall took charge whizzing up the finest culinary plates with his team.

Before the opening, Wignall’s new pop up received coverage across major media outlets and as a result bookings went through the roof, the restaurant was fully booked in just 29 minutes! Dill was in real demand not just by the general public and foodies but by high calibre celebrities too.

The restaurant itself is beautifully presented and lavish in decoration, nothing less expected from a Michelin backed restaurant. However, there was a slight catch that diners were blissfully unaware of….

Little did diners know, they were actually eating a menu created entirely by discount supermarket Lidl. Dill – an anagram of Lidl – was designed by Agency Ingo, to overcome the ‘bad quality’ stigma associated with Lidl’s low prices. Ingo wanted to show Sweden that that low prices and high quality can go together.  The proof was in the pudding!

Ingo really did pull out all the stops for Lidl’s outdoor advertising campaign. Dill was fully booked throughout its three week opening from start to finish with 500 people on the waiting list; Ingo received a yellow pencil award from D&AD; The campaign won a Gold PR award at Eurobest 2013; Photos of the restaurant were posted on Instagram and the campaign became the highest trending topic on Twitter in Sweden for two days in a row.



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