Is your social channel stopping you from being employed?

9th April 2014 by Grace Bullingham

Is your social channel stopping you from being employed?

What your online persona says about you

So, you’re on the internet job seeking, yet simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter chatting to your mates. Can the two be mixed? The internet really does open up two completely different worlds to us; the professional and the social. Have you ever thought about how you are perceived through your social media accounts to potential employees? Don’t get me wrong, everybody likes to have a good laugh but should your personal content be in the eyes of your boss? I think not.

Nowadays, social media sites make it so easy for us to share content, upload personal pictures and openly comment on various posts made by other users. It probably comes naturally to many of us to just comment whatever is on your mind at that precise moment in time- we manage to fall into this sort of social safety net.  But next time maybe think twice, do you think if you looked at your activity through the eyes of an employee you would be impressed? I’m not saying don’t be yourself but just be aware.

It may sound obvious but time and time again, the same mistakes are being made every day. Just have a look at your settings page - it enables you to hide content from others which is a very wise move if you want to be perceived as a professional and heighten your chances of bagging that job you recently applied for. You may think ‘ah I’m sure they won’t look me up online…’ – chances are employers are probably on your page right this second…

What not to do

Rule number 1 – Whatever you do, do not comment about bad work behaviour. Whether you are bad mouthing a previous or current work colleague or tweeting your friends how you got away with being late twice that week. While on the job search you should avoid these types of comments as they will definitely make you look bad to a prospective employer who is looking for a way to judge your character and work ethic.

Rule number 2 – Do not use an unprofessional profile picture. Even if your profile is set to private these images can see be viewed as thumbnails; so at all costs rule out drunk photos -that picture of you in a mankini maybe a good memory but it won’t get you hired! It’s a good habit to treat your social media accounts like your LinkedIn profile – chose something professional.

Rule number 3 – As previously mentioned; do not leave your profile page open to strangers. This may be the most important rule of all. If you’re conducting a job search now is the time to set your profile to private (if it isn’t already). Although you are in control of the content you upload, you are not in control of what your friends post or the photo’s you are tagged - this is what could be letting you down.

Public or Private?

I think the obvious conclusion here is to say private! You do not want to put yourself in danger of not getting hired or potentially being sacked. Remember, stay classy!
Why not check out some tips on how to make sure your CV is looking good?


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