I don’t want a new job

24th September 2013 by Paul Wood

I don’t want a new job

At Twist Recruitment we often speak to people who actually aren’t looking for a new job, they are often looking to stay but haven’t had or don’t want to have ‘that conversation’.

‘That conversation’

There is no easy solution to this and ‘that conversation’ with a line manager or your boss about what you really want, whether it be a pay rise, a promotion or simply more recognition for your efforts is tricky for anyone. Lots of companies cannot afford a permanent HR resource but these would be a good starting point if you do have one.

Are you visible?

Key to provoking or certainly lining up an honest an open discussion is to making sure you are actually ensuring that you are visible internally for the good work you do. Make sure you take the lead in internal meetings, go the extra mile to prepare for pitches or delivering on creative work and as a general rule always try to be positive and happy in the workplace, as an owner of a business that never goes unnoticed!


Some people can go along under the radar and certainly in bigger companies even if you are doing the above, so I would suggest things like LinkedIn for a bit of self-promotion are a no-brainer.

Get recommendations from internal leaders of teams and managers and clients are even better. I bet there aren’t many ‘stars’ who haven’t been thanked for a good job done on email, ask first but these are always good ways to build positive PR about you before ‘that meeting’.

You should view your LinkedIn as a living breathing CV anyway and certainly those both looking to recruit and recruiters alike will use these profiles to make quick judgement as to your possible suitability.  Get recommendations, but don’t overdo it with the recommendations from people who have no standing internally, a couple on each would normally suffice.

What to be before, during and after ‘the meeting’

Right you’ve done all the prep you can for ‘the meeting’ so how do sell what you’ve been doing to get a promotion or that pay rise? 

1.     Line up the meeting by asking for a quick chat with your line manager/boss. In this meeting you should set your stall out for what you would like to discuss in a further meeting, e.g. I would like to discuss my role in more detail and how and what I need to do get to the next level rung up the ladder. I would say you just wanted to highlight what you have achieved recently in the role and that you are ambitious and looking to progress as quickly as possible.

2.     Pre-meeting I would send an email outlining what you would like to discuss then at least they should have time to prepare and if you are worthy of that promotion you should have a clearer steer by the end of the meeting.

3.     You should present a couple of projects that you have recently worked on, talking about what specifically you have done on each. For Account Handlers it’s key to talk up any involvement that you have had in winning clients, growing accounts and generally adding value, for Creatives it should be all about what you have contributed to produce that end product, so if it’s your idea that was used say so! On both sides you need to make sure you show progression and not just talk about one client or project that has gone well.

4.     Round the meeting up with a timeline and KPI’s (key performance indicators) for the promotion or the pay rise.  It sounds simple but if you don’t know what you need to do differently you won’t get anywhere.

At Twist we are happy to meet with you to talk about making more of your present CV for both selling yourself internally or to look for that next move if you don’t think your current company can match your expectations.

Good luck!


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