How to Stay Creative

12th January 2015 by Grace Bullingham

How to Stay Creative

Getting back into the groove of things after Christmas can be a challenge for us all. You’ve had a few weeks to relax and then BAM you have a ton of work hit you in the face. It’s easy to lose your sense of creativity, like a writer’s block. Don’t panic!

In this blog we share the top principles and skills that will help to grow and sustain your creative career.

This is just a guide, when you produce any great work, ask yourself why and how you got there – implement these factors into your routine.

1.) Plan your day effectively
The best way to do this is to prioritise the tasks you need to complete each day. Tackle the biggest project on your list first. This will require more energy and concentration. After this is complete you can then focus on the smaller things on your list like checking emails - jobs that require less creative energy.  Creating a routine is essential for daily productivity.

2.) Stay Focused
It may sound obvious but it’s imperative to switch off any potential distractions. This includes any social media and even your emails. You need to crack on with any creative work you have, you don’t want to waste your time and energy on social media platforms that essentially have no value. If you don’t have any distractions then you are already improving your rate of productivity.

3.) Take Breaks
The most effective way for creatives to work is for short periods of time – up to 90 minutes, then take a break. If you are focussing on something for too long then you become sluggish. This results in a lower rate of productivity, losing overall creativity and time wasting. Take regular breaks to recharge your creativity. You will produce better work at a faster rate!

4.) Do the things you enjoy to stay inspired
It’s important to do the things you enjoy. Whether this means going for a scenic walk, to the cinema or to an art gallery. Doing the things you enjoy can help you stay inspired and will keep you happy. Think of it as creative research –investing time in any of the things you enjoy is highly beneficial for your creative self. It can lead to fresh ideas.

5.) Look after yourself
Ensuring you get enough sleep is vital for productivity and creativity, aim for 7 hours. Feeding yourself with the right foods of good nutritional value is just as important. If you don’t look after yourself you will fall at the first hurdle. Try to implement exercise into your weekly routine, exercise can help you to regain focus and release stress.

The above guide will help to refuel, recharge, and increase your creativity.


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