Get LinkedIn and get Discovered Organically

20th January 2014 by James Backhurst

Get LinkedIn and get Discovered Organically

There are a few things that have changed about finding the dream job over the last 10 years. The biggest revolution in search has been LinkedIn. Even if you are not a fan of social media not having your own LinkedIn Profile will exclude you from opportunities to increase your skills, salary and career.

As a newbie in recruitment I have seen how the power of LinkedIn has transformed the way recruiters and talent managers’ search for candidates. There are still adverts that are posted on Brand Republic and you can search and apply for new positions but let’s face it you are normally going to be in a situation where you are actively searching rather than browsing.

If you are someone who would like to hear about new opportunities and focus your search on ones that you really want then getting a LinkedIn profile which presents you as if Gok Wan has been in and waved his magic wand in your wardrobe is something that will massively improve your chances.

Even if you have a CV recruiters and potential employers will check your LinkedIn profile, so here are a few tips to improve your chances of getting discovered and being selected for the dream job.

Few tips to improve your chances of getting discovered and being selected for the dream job.

1. Obvious, but make sure it is up to date with your current responsibilities, your overall skill set, sector experience and channel experience

2. Get a photo, so many LinkedIn profiles don’t have pictures, get one, its the opportunity to show the sides of your personality that matter for the roles you want

3. Check the spelling, it’s something that gets overlooked if you did your LinkedIn profile half heartedly when it first came out

4. First impressions count, so apply the rule of first touch and keep your linked in page well managed like a garden, don’t let it get overgrown

5. Connect to a few people every week, recruiters, sector relevant clients and agency people, you will improve your chances of seeing an update that could be what you were after

6. If you are available put it in your job title, like this FREELANCE SAM available immediately, that’s going to get you picked up in searches

There is a lot of talk about big data, the idea that we are all part of an interconnected virtual world that is absolutely true and something that the career savvy apply like rocket fuel to achieve their dreams of working in the best agencies.

Don’t be a social media wall flower, get on LinkedIn and get discovered but don’t forget about it and let it get shabby. Half of the work in finding a new role is in searching for it, make it easier on yourself by getting yourself discovered.


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