From Temp to Perm – stepping off the roller coaster and onto the monorail

6th March 2017 by Joanna (Edited by Isabella Gelston)

From Temp to Perm – stepping off the roller coaster and onto the monorail

From Temp to Perm – stepping off the roller coaster and onto the monorail

The flexibility offered by freelancing is next-to-none.

One week on, the next week off.

New people, new teams, new situations and new chances to problem-solve and grow.

However, there comes a time when something more permanent and reliable is required; a time where the ups and downs of the freelance roller coaster must come to an end. You step eagerly off, take a deep breath, straighten your clothes and opt for a more scenic route through life.

The monorail – aka, permanent work.

It may sound dull after you’ve experienced the fast pace life of a freelancer, but it’s quite the opposite. Perm work offers you stability, reliability, job security and a chance to climb the agency ladder.

It can feel intimidating to make the change. I regularly find candidates are worried that future employers won’t want someone who has flitted (aka freelanced) from job to job against an applicant who has proven long term dedication. But what they are failing to see is the experience of freelance work bringing a whole new dimension to the role!

You are a stand out candidate and here are 3 very important reasons why:

1)     You have regularly had to adapt to new surroundings, people and tasks, it may even be second nature by now. Explain to your future employer that because of this you will instantly fit into the team, emphasise that you have learned to adapt to all situations and have started over with so many new teams successfully you’ve lost count!

2)     Highlight your experience. Not only have you worked in many different surroundings, but you have experience it in so many different roles. Put time into your CV and think about what you contributed to each role. Question your unique advantage - How did you leave the company in a better place than when you began?

3)     You are the well-rounded employee everyone wants; you bring something new from each role to the next, and at one point or another, have dealt with all possible problems.

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