Five Technology Devices Set to Make Their Mark in 2018

1st February 2018 by Isabella Gelston

Five Technology Devices Set to Make Their Mark in 2018

As London explores another technological year, we are welcomed into the freshness of new and creative ways to manage our devices. 

Marketing has never been more relevant for the success of the product. With our eyes glued to our phones, and our attention drawn to the extreme, there is an increasingly greater pressure for fresh ideas to stand out from the rest.

Here, I’ll be assessing the latest trends set to be on everyone’s lips in 2018!

1. Voice technology -

With the rise of devices such as Alexa, 2018 is set to be the year where the voice is the center of control. As it becomes increasingly familiar into our every day, vocal interactions are beginning to become more accessible through finance, music and social media.

2. Artificial Intelligence -

With famous technologists such as Andrew Ng investing $175M in funding, artificial intelligence is set to become main-stream over the next year. As technology shifts into a new dynasty, the demand for AI is becoming as important as the development of the internet in the late 80s. With the rise of its development, the new frontier is set to influence businesses, governments and social spheres around the globe.

3. Apps -

Uber becomes the perfect example of a new market opening through the App. With it becoming the new platform to market a business, customers are provided with easier solutions within their own digital space. As websites often encourage or direct viewers to download the app, the visual presence of the business’ logo on our screens amplifies the desire to explore; both singling them out from other competitors and increasing their chance of profit.

4. Wearable Technology -

After the Apple Watch was officially released in April 2015, wearable technology has continued to rise in popularity. With thousands of us on the move daily, the impact of wearing our technology increases the accessibility of work, fitness and social interactions – hands free! 

5. Virtual Reality –

After the rapid increase in VR last year, 2018 is set to be just as enthusiastic about the revolutionary device. Mostly used within the gaming industry, virtual reality is now being explored for other purposes such as 3-D theatre, Healthcare, Shopping and Space exploration.

With new opportunities arising everyday across different platforms, the necessity for technological advancements is vital in order to accommodate the new demands of our ever-changing world. From vocal recognition right through to virtual reality, the line between digital concepts and our own reality continue to merge.


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