First Day on the Job: Can You Relate?

28th February 2014 by Admin

First Day on the Job: Can You Relate?

It's always nerve racking being the new kid at work, Jolana's the latest addition to our team. She shares her thoughts and experiences of those first days in a new job. 

The New Girl

The roller coaster we go through from when we first learn we have secured a job! The celebratory drinks. The doubtful pint. And of course everything in between! As the new girl here at Twist, this is still rather fresh for me.

I got to thinking how many of us go through this nail biting experience? You can thrive on it like an actor would? Or maybe chant Mantras to yourself in the mirror before you leave your front door? I know one guy who was so nervous on his first day at his new job he made a name up for himself and gave himself an imaginary fiancé. You will be glad to hear this was not at Twist! But just think how many of us have to deal with new challenges. It’s more often then you realise.

Your first time to a new gym; yeah, you've been to the gym before. But this is a new gym. There are hidden rules and etiquettes! You have to subtly find the treadmill, pretending you know where it is. Then it turns out to be a different model from the one you're used to! Oh no!

Your first time at a new holiday destination; in my case, I suddenly realise how pale and rather haggard I actually am. My paleness shines to everyone 'We are new here!' How come we always want to be the locals, never the tourists? I desperately try to find the breakfast room.....the pool.....then needing the bar, feeling eyes are on me, the new girl! I envy the cool, calm and relaxed regulars, who look so in place as they elegantly sprawl themselves on their usual lounge chairs, relaxed to the core. Tanned! In 2 weeks time, that is where you will be too. One of the regulars. Part of the furniture.

All these are just analogies of any number of settings, so as you go through the rollercoaster of preparing for the first day on your new job, just think about all the different challanges you have overcome in the past. Furhter than that, think that everyone you are likely to meet has gone through those same experiences at some point and you are not alone. As I settle in my new surroundings, I have come to realise we are all new once in a while. Sometimes it’s exciting to feel that change, no matter how slight it is. Best thing to do is enjoy it, ask where things are, how things work and just dive in!


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