CV Month - The dos and the don’ts

6th June 2017 by Joanna

There is probably more advice online about writing a CV than there are pictures of cats…..ok maybe not quite, but there is a lot!

But somehow we still find the same mistakes being made on many of the CV’s we receive; so being CV month here at Twist, we have put together a handy set of Dos and Don’ts for you to peruse as you perfect your CV.

• Let’s start with an easy one - Don’t put a picture of you on your CV -This is not social media, the first impression of you that your future boss should have is of your achievements and ability to do the job, not what you look like!

If you want to add a personal touch, do this in your interests and hobbies section.

• Do think about what you put in here, some of our favourite (real!) examples of things that should NOT be included are below:
“I like to watch TV”…Is that it? You must be fun at parties…
“The fastest way to my heart is through my headphones”
“You don’t want to know”

• Do make sure to include ALL of your contact information. I know that sounds really obvious, but you’d be surprised.

• Don’t just shove all of your information in any order; think about what is important for each role you apply for and where you are in your career.

• Do thoroughly check your grammar and spellings! I mean, would, you wnt to hire someone what types like this?....exactly.

• DO ask for help! If you aren’t sure about something let us know, our consultants are more than happy to offer you advice on your CV during the recruitment process.

Make your CV stand out from the crowd! Get in touch today and have a chat with one of our experienced consultants about your job search - Call us on 0203 603 4090 or drop us an email with your CV to


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