Launching from London to Leeds

11th November 2015 by Ashlee Drake

Launching from London to Leeds

Sometimes change scares a lot of people. In the past six months I've become a human version of a yo-yo. Living in one end of the country to living in another and back again. It has been rather difficult to feel settled and sometimes, admitting defeat is the better option.

That's exactly what I did. My love affair with London came to a close after six long, expensive yet unbelievable months - not a single regret enters my mind but I have a hop in my step and my unwavering love for the Yorkshire surroundings has brought me back to the place I call home. Leeds.

It was an opportunity I would have been stupid to pass up on, a chance to develop my skills from social media to the world of recruitment.  The best bit? Staying with Twist to continue my journey!

Now I'm a resourcer working in the Leeds office and life is sweet. I can afford my own car, take trips away with friends, splash the cash on Christmas presents and someday soon save for my own place to live. As I am only 22 it's still perfectly acceptable to live with the rents!

I wouldn't have moved back home if I couldn't work with Twist. What I love most about this cool company is how positive and encouraging every person is - this was a big decision for me to leave a role I had just gotten so used to for another completely different and challenging adventure. But if it wasn't for the faith resonated by everyone in the office than I wouldn't have felt as confident and at ease with the work load as I do now.

Although my days are longer and I have much more to do, and I'm loving the life of being a resourcer. It's nerve-wracking talking to people on the phone at times but learning about all the different terminology, people's backgrounds and the excitement of booking in candidates for interviews or getting a new job on with a new client is worth all the stress.

Leeds has welcomed me back with open arms and I'm very content with where I'm at right now. One big reason I was jumping for joy about working in Leeds was because I knew I would get to work with Kate. Not only is she so considerate and patient with me as she teaches me the Twist way of life, she's also just the best person to have around. Her positive approach and awesome vibe has made the transition from one office to another smooth and simple.

Although I don't know where my life is leading I'm 100% sure I've made the right decision. Kate and I have been busy bees in Leeds  and Manchester with new jobs coming out of our ears, and brilliant candidates getting ready to fill them... we've really hit the ground running and are both determined to keep up the good work - we want to show that London office how it's done!


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