Becoming a Perfect Candidate

18th November 2015 by Admin

Becoming a Perfect Candidate

It’s that time of year when the likes of University kids across the globe start thinking about life outside the school bubble. It can be exciting for some as they kick-start their dream career, but it mainly consists of 20-something’s wandering online social platforms complaining about being a #grownup.

I found it terrifying to say the least, and felt like the only thing I learnt from my university degree was how to think on my feet (because I failed to make that weeks lecture) and how to function with minimal sleep after streaming bad TV until the early hours of the morning – both have been pretty helpful skills, I’m not going to lie.

As I left my uni for the last time I was bewildered about what the bigger world would hold and as I started working, and I realised that it’s not only the book smart logic uni teaches you that helps you progress in the professional world; it teaches you how to present, work in a team (yes, those awful group assessments come back to haunt you once more) and basically teaches you to get up out of bed and give it a red hot go. 

To spread my knowledge I’ve made a few notes on skills I’ve gathered along the way, that have helped me transition from a crazy teen to a semi-functional adult – and would make someone an ideal candidate in the working world:

• Be Knowledgeable about the Job and Industry

Nobody wants to hire someone that doesn’t know anything about the industry they are working for. When you know as much or more about the job than the boss does, you instil confidence that you can excel at the position. You know what needs to be done, why, and how the job fits into the company's mission and bottom line. So get to know your pal Google.

• Be Great At What You Do

You need to be more than basic to be an ideal candidate. You need to excel in all sense of the word. Find out what you can offer an employer that no one else can, even if it’s your bad jokes that will lighten up the office feel or you’re great taste in music to take charge when those Friday afternoon tunes are on. 

• Have Work Experience

While skills prove you can do the work, your work experience shows the results of the work you do. Lots of people can type, including monkeys... but few can write a masterpiece. If you’re working in the media field you would know that free work is basically initiation. No one will look at you if you don’t have the right credentials.

• Have Great Values & Work Ethic

Once the interviewer knows you can do the job with your hands tied, it comes down to looking at seeing if there is a match between you and the company and work group in terms of culture ... basically work values and ethics.

• Have A Great Work Attitude

There’s nothing more obvious than a person who is unhappy at their job, it not only reflects in the workplace but it is pretty obvious RE their level of work. I didn’t realise how correct that cliché saying as; If you love what you do, you really won’t ever work

It does sounds cliché, but if you find a job you love you won’t ever have to work a day in your life. And with the retirement age getting older and older – you want to work in a job that you are getting the most out of. Be an ideal candidate and you get first pick on what desk you want to be sitting at for the rest of your adult life!


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