Battle of the Christmas adverts: Which one’s the best?

6th December 2013 by Admin

Battle of the Christmas adverts: Which one’s the best?

It’s finally that time of the year again when the streets are full of festive lights flashing in the dark, decorations are hung in homes all over the world and people are desperately trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. It’s that time of the year that we like to call Christmas.

When Christmas comes in early December, so does the many but different Christmas campaigns on TV; and who doesn’t get in the Christmas mood by watching these amazing adverts.

Christmas advertising has become UK’s Super Bowl event and the battle of the best Christmas adverts has only begun. This year, one of the biggest hits has been John Lewis animated story of a bear hibernating all winter which makes him miss Christmas and the Marks & Spencer’s fairy-tale advert with Rosie Huntington-Witheley has definitely won the viewer's hearts.

But which of these festive adverts do you think brings the Christmas spirit and which one's don’t?


Burberry – With Love

Festive fashion- that is how I would describe Burberry's Christmas advert of 2013. With the British fashion houses’ trademark, checked umbrellas and golden gift bags, no one can escape the fact that this advert belongs to Burberry. This story shows couples and happy children on Regent Street, London, dressed in Burberrys signature clothes and you can't help feeling the romantic feel-good atmosphere. It is based around ‘The art of giving and the idea of shared festive love’. Burberry has really managed to outdo themselves this year and if you look at this from a design perspective it is just magnificent.


John Lewis – The Bear & the Hare

The hype surrounding this year’s £7 million Christmas advert for John Lewis has been intense. The animated TV advert about a sad bear who always missed Christmas because he’s hibernating has been a hit among viewers in different homes. This advert is absolutely breath-taking and not only is it a hand drawn Disney animation but it is a story that makes you ‘’connect emotionally’’ as Craig Inglis, Director of Marketing at John Lewis, puts it. If this advert doesn’t make you in the mood for Christmas, then I don’t know what will...


M&S – Believe in Magic and Sparkle

As a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I can't help but feeling that Marks & Spencer take the prize for most spectacular advert of the year. In this fairy-tale extravaganza story of which is billed as the ‘most expensive of the Christmas ads this year’, it is a real eye catcher when British actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley falls down a hole to an alternate world. With handbags and an enchanted atmosphere, it gets a very glossy Hollywood-style feel about it; and the fact that they also kicked off the advertising campaign via social media for the first time is a big step for the future of Marks & Spencer.


Tesco – A Family Christmas

A Christmas advert is supposed to inject warmth and happiness and Tesco has really figured out how to do that. This homemade video advert, created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, is a story about a family and their Christmases in a household of six decades. The Director of Marketing at Tesco, David Wood said ‘’We wanted to show what a real Christmas is all about – not a perfect, airbrushed one- but the one we recognize from our own lives’’.


Boots - Let's make the people that make us feel good, feel good!

This year’s Christmas advert from Boots is all about giving back. Boots is hoping to inspire people to buy presents for different people by using a young man to challenge stereotypes in its Christmas ad. The advert, which was created by Mother, shows a boy setting out to give present to those who had done something special for him and advertising agency Mother has brilliantly managed to bring the Christmas spirit to a high level in this year’s advert. You’ve got to admit that this advert story is really Christmassy …


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