4 Workplace Personality No-Nos

2nd December 2015 by Elise Cunningham

4 Workplace Personality No-Nos

There are some clichés, as tedious and dried up as they are, that still ring truth around the workplace: A company’s greatest assets do ride up and down the elevator every morning. You are only as strong as your weakest link. And a few rotten apples do spoil the barrel.

A company’s ambiance is very important and. if your staff are unhappy the business really suffers, Much naturally depends on ‘cultural fit’ – finding those people who seem to fit your business like a glove – but there are also certain people who you just shouldn’t hire, regardless of anything else.

Below are 4 of the types that will de-motivate your workforce and damage your bottom line.

1. The Negative Nancy

There is always the person in the office that turns their nose up at the birthday cake, this creates a negative workspace. They are energy drainers who will do this with each and every employee of yours who will listen to their bleating.  This usually coincides with the ‘drama queen’ with every office scenario ending in some sort of ‘Young and the Restless’ feud (refer to point 3)

2. The climber

It’s very important to have people that treat everyone in the office equally, but you’ll often get people who are always trying to climb their way to the top using flattery.  People that treat others differently according to their status create a noticeable hierarchy, leaving people on the lower end of the spectrum feeling underappreciated. You should hire people that treat the receptionist and the CEO the same.


3. The hyperbolist

At the very least, check a candidates references before you hire them. If they have lied or even exaggerated on their CV chances are they it doesn’t stop there.  It can go from who took the last of the milk to who used the company credit card! Exaggeration is stretching the truth and a slippery slope to a big fat lie.  Braggarts belong in boxing, basketball, and Broadway. Not in the business.

4. The ‘What’s in it for me’ employee

The guy who’s more interested in vacation time, sick days, raises, titles, and promotions, rather than in making a decent contribution to your team. Sorry, pal, but there’s no I in team. These people can cruise through their years unnoticed until your resources have been all dried up and they are no-where to be found. 

Recruiting staff should be taken very seriously, that’s why it’s always good to leave it to the professionals. Either that, or base your hiring techniques solely on a persons hand-shake (our team thinks thats very important)

Remember, team work makes the dream work.


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